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Women Empowerment Cell


To provide a safe environment for girl students and women employees.


  • To establish a cell for the empowerment of women
  • To educate the establishment towards gender sensitization.
  • To organize various programs on gender sensitization.
  • To provide a 24 hours  helpline and helpers.
  • To monitor the campus by surveillance camera.


The women empowerment cell has been established in this institution on 27-05-2013. Mrs.M.Angelina Thanga Ajisha , Asst.Prof / Civil Engineering has been nominated as the Co-ordinator for the cell, with the aim of providing a safe environment for girls students and women employees, The following activities are initiated for the cell.

  • Educating the teaching and non-teaching staffs and students towards in gender sensitization.
  • Programmes on gender sensitization for both girls and boys, to help changing behaviour.
  • Role playing, street plays, games etc. to change the behaviors of students to assume a responsible role.
  • Arranging road shows to demrmonstrate the importance of responsible role play.
  • Organize awareness programs to avoid involuntary sexual acts such as rape, inappropriate touching, groping, or torture in a sexual manner.  
  • Counseling services.

In order to facilitate and to assist the girls’ students and women employees, 24 hours helpline and help desks are provided. The help desk is available at the main security.

The committee

The women empowerment cell consist of the following members

Co-ordinator:  Mrs.M.Angelina Thanga Ajisha, (CIVIL)


  • Ms.C.Anuradha (CSE)
  • Ms.J.Y.Angelin Jemina (EEE)
  • Ms.C.Muthu Ramya (ECE)
  • Ms.D.Amutha Guka(S&H)
  • Ms.C.Alice Ponrani (PD)

Security Arrangement And Safe Environment for Girls and Women Employees

Help line

24 hours HELPLINE AND HELPDESK CONTACT NUMBER, Principal - 9942928551

Points to Remember

  • Harassment may be defined as a wide range of behaviour that are offensive and can cause extreme mental anguish and frustration. It is repetitive action and is intentional. Harassment is not gender specific.
  • Sexual harassment refers to persistent and unwanted sexual advances from the opposite sex fellow student or teacher.
  • Every victim will be provided a mechanism for redressal of complaint.
  • Sexual harassment involves unwelcome words, deeds, symbols, action, gestures that make the target uncomfortable. Protection for both men and women is required. Anyone who perceives unwelcome advances should be encouraged to report such actions.
  • Counseling services are available for both resident and non-resident students.
  • Misconduct is a legal term which can be sexual misconduct and official misconduct.
  • Misconduct can be in language or action such as ragging, bullying, using bad language tec. Misconduct is unacceptable at all times. Sexual misconduct could be between teacher and student, staff and student or student and student. Sexual misconduct is unethical and deserves preventive action
  • The following dress code for students is desirable: For girls, body fit clothing, transparent or revealing outfits should be avoided; Salwar kameez with duppatta, jeans with kurtis and stole is advisable. Torn, faded jeans and T shirts are also not allowed.
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