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Faculty List - CSE

S.No.                 Name                                                           Qualification                     Designation                              
1 Mrs.J.Priskilla Angel Rani M.E Asso. Prof, Sr.Gr. & HOD
2 Mrs.C.Anuradha M.E., Asst. Prof
3 Mrs.G.Vijayarani M.E Asst. Prof
4 Mrs.C.Karpagavalli M.E Asst. Prof
5 Ms.M.Jeyalakshmi M.Tech Asst. Prof
6 Ms.G.Jayanandhini M.E Asst. Prof
7 Ms.P.J. Beslin Pajila M.E Asst. Prof
8 Mrs.M.Jenila Vincent M.E Asst. Prof
9 Mrs.R.Benzi M.Tech Asst. Prof
10 Mrs.A.Fanny Arul M.E Asst. Prof
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